£3000 Freeplay With Crazy Vegas

Crazy Vegas’ £3000 Freeplay bonus give you 3000 casino credits to, affording you more moments to win! Sound crazy? Yes... but it’s true. 

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  2. Sign up with Crazy Vegas Casino
  3. Click on the FreePlay button

£3000 Freeplay With Crazy Vegas

Freeplay Terms and Conditions

  1. Players must open a new, Real Casino Account at Crazy Vegas Casino

  2. The promotion free money amount is a maximum of 3000 credits only. This amount cannot be increased or reallocated during the promotion.

  3. A minimum purchase of 25 Credits must be made in the player's Real account before winnings from this promotion can be transferred to the Real account.

  4. To be eligible to claim your winnings you will need to have won anything over and above the original 3000 complimentary casino credits up to 100 credits.

  5. The maximum amount that can be won and transferred into your real account for this promotion is 100 Credits. Any amount over that will be null and void.

  6. In order to transfer your winnings from your Free Play account to your Real Account, you need to place a minimum of 20 bets. Be sure you have reached this minimum requirement to secure your winnings.

  7. All winnings will be transferred to your casino Bonus Account and will be subject to our standard wagering requirements. Please familiarize yourself with our wagering requirements in the Promotional Terms & Conditions.

  8. The Free Play promotion period is 60 Minutes (1 Hour) only upon acceptance of the promotion.

  9. Your Free 60 Min Play is played on Flash version of the casino within the main casino. The games are the same, so do not get confused – look for the timer on the left to verify how much free time you have left to play.

  10. Any time required to download games that are available within Casino software will be counted as being part of the 60 Minutes allocated in the casino software.

  11. The complimentary 3000 credits is for the purposes of the Free Play Promotion only and therefore cannot be used as part of normal play.

  12. The promotional software must be activated by starting the countdown timer within 7 days of the Real account being registered.

  13. The promotional software will automatically be closed after the 60 Minutes have counted down. At this point players will be given the option to transfer any winnings they have made.

  14. If you get disconnected during Free Play, you will need to log back in. The 60 Min FreePlay will continue to count down while you are logging back in. 

  15. You have one restart attempt. After the last attempt the software will automatically be closed and your winnings will be calculated. 

  16. All valid winnings made during the Free Play Promotion, using the promotional software must be claimed within 7 days.

  17. The ability to transfer these winnings will automatically be closed at the end of these 7 days. All outstanding credits will be lost at this point.

  18. If you are running short of time at the end of this promotion, ensure that you are able to complete the bet that you are starting. Any pending bets will be deemed to be lost and the funds deducted from your total balance.

  19. Players who claim the winnings of this Free Play Promotion will NOT be eligible to claim the Initial Match Bonus.

  20. Alternatively, players who claim the Initial Deposit Bonus are NOT eligible to claim the winnings of the Free Play Promotion.

  21. All promotions can only be claimed once per person, household, family, household address, email address, credit card number, or shared computer environment such as a library, workplace, fraternity, university or school.

  22. Winnings will be credited to your real account once your account has been validated, which process should normally take approximately 30 minutes.

  23. Once a player has claimed the First Deposit/ Freeplay promotion at this casino, he/she is ineligible to claim it at any other Vegas Partner Lounge Casino (Unless Invited).

  24. All standard and Promotional Terms and Conditions apply

Freeplay Bonus Conditions

Players who accept the hour of free play promotion, winnings cannot claim the 100% Deposit Bonus – and subsequently those that claim the 100% Deposit bonus cannot claim the hour of free play promotion.

Players who do NOT claim any winnings from their hour of free play can claim the 100% Deposit Bonus offer. 

By redeeming your bonus you are committing your purchase to the wagering requirements in accordance with the normal Terms and Conditions. The wagering requirements (for cash-in purposes) will start being counted from the time the promotion bonus was added to the casino account.

Last Updated: 2013/02/14 13:27